What are the chances of success?

Have you ever noticed how you, and those you speak to start sentences? Did you know the words used in response to something can say a lot about the chances of success? Research shows that the words we use can have a massive impact on whether or not something actually happens. It can be really useful to recognise the words that you use (or you hear being used) as they can help to determine how bought in we (or others) are in any given situation. With the knowledge outlined below we can question ourselves (or others) further to uncover a hidden understanding of the chances of something happening or not. How committed are we or they? Why is that the case? etc….

I have spent time studying this and it’s fascinating. Listen to how ‘successful’ people start their sentences. Listen to friends, your family and perhaps most importantly yourself. I challenge you to notice the language used by yourself and others over the coming week or so and then notice whether or not the challenge or task was ultimately achieved – you’ll be amazed at how accurate this is…

Attitude  % Chance of Success
I did it 100%
I will 90%
I can 80%
I think I can 70%
I’ll try 60%
I might 50%
I want to 40%
I wish I could 30%
I don’t know how to 20%
I can’t 10%
I won’t  0%

(NLP – High speed training)

For example, if someone said ‘I want to attend the meeting’ there is a 40% chance that they will attend. If someone said ‘I will attend the meeting’ there is a 90% chance they will attend.

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