“So pleased with the results I have achieved following coaching sessions with Kate. I am much more confident to ask for what I want and have surprised myself how empowering it can feel. Kate has become the positive voice I hear when I am feeling negative, she really picks me up and keeps me focussed on my goals.” – LF

“I was due to return to work after my maternity leave and had the same thoughts going around and around in my head which resulted in me feeling out of control as my thoughts spiralled down. I wanted to spend valuable time with my son and I wanted to continue my professional journey – however I looked at it I couldn’t see how I could achieve both. After an initial telephone conversation with Kate I got a date in the diary to see her. Her ability to really listen to my needs and provide me with different ways of thinking enabled me to feel much more positive about my return to work and with Kate’s continued support I am in the process of negotiating some changes to my working pattern which will go even further to helping me see my son more whilst continuing to develop myself professionally.” – TE

“I’m so pleased I found Revelate. Through Kate’s effective questioning I am now well on the way to making the changes I have been meaning to make for a while.” – HL

“I had been battling with various ideas for a while but began to realise that although I was spending a lot of time thinking about what I needed nothing was actually changing. A friend suggested that I got in touch with Kate at Revelate Coaching. Having seen Kate for a few sessions I became much clearer about what I wanted which wasn’t what I initially thought at all! I am now much closer to achieving the balance in my life that I am looking for. Thanks so much Kate, your coaching has been invaluable!” – SR

“Kate’s well structured approach to coaching really helped me to develop and keep track of my results. I developed confidence in my own abilities as a result of Kate’s supportive coaching style. Kate gave me the space to find my own leadership and management style which really resulted in me developing within my role.” – CG