Give yourself a boost

Despite Spring being in full swing with its brighter and longer days I am coming across many people who aren’t feeling the joy of spring for themselves. Spring is a time of renewed energy and vitality with the hope of warmer sunnier days ahead but if you’re not feeling it yet then how about trying this little exercise to reinvigorate yourself and give yourself a positive boost.

The idea…

Don’t wait for the right moment to experience life, we have to create the right moment to experience life. Look into your future with renewed vigour by creating your very own personalised ‘bucket list’. Take some time out to think about all the things you would love to do but haven’t yet accomplished. It can be easy to get swept along in the routine of everyday life without really focussing on ‘you’ and what you would like to achieve. Have you ever got to the end of the year and looked back with a feeling that you haven’t achieved much? Don’t let that be you in 2017 , make this and the years to come a time to remember for positive reasons.
Bucket lists are great because they provide you with positive focus and direction, a real purpose, things to look forward to that are personalised to you. You owe it to yourself to spend some time to focus on what YOU want.
Your bucket list can include anything you like from a new skill you would like to learn (e.g. a craft, instrument or language), to travel to a place that you would really like to visit, getting in touch with an old friend you haven’t spoken to for ages or an experience you would like to encounter – there are no limits to what can go on your list. Think about what makes you happy and excited.
It has been said that a goal not written down is really only a wish so commit your items for your bucket list to paper, share them with those close to you. One idea is to buy an actual bucket (you can get some lovely smaller ones that are quite decorative and would look lovely around your home or office), write each thing on a separate piece of paper and stick it in the bucket as a reminder of the things you are working towards. Some people find it helpful to have a timeframe in mind so how about a list of things you would like to achieve over the 2-5 years as a start? When you need a little ‘pick me up’ you can go through your pieces of paper to get you back on track.
Don’t let life pass you by, set your goals and work towards them. Checking off the items on your bucket list as you achieve them offers a real sense of satisfaction and achievement. It is a great activity to get the rest of the family involved in too and you can all help each other to accomplish the goals.
Enjoy creating the list as well as achieving the things you would like to to do.