Flexible Thinking

It is no secret that a person with the greatest ability to generate choices and therefore have most flexibility in any given situation often gets the best result.

To achieve different results you need to do things differently. Remember, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got’. If you want to improve your ‘thinking flexibility’ then try the following:

Each day for the next 10 days do 10 things differently. Yes, 10 things differently every day. This could range from brushing your teeth before instead of after your shower (or vice versa), walking down the street on the opposite side to normal, getting your coffee from a different coffee shop to normal etc… It could be anything, it just needs to be different for you. 10 things sounds like a lot but go on, challenge yourself and give it a go.

This exercise will help to develop awareness so that next time you need to respond to a situation you will have at least 2 different ways of responding. In becoming more comfortable with new ways of dealing with situations your reactions can change significantly and to greater effect.

Flex that ‘flexible thinking’ muscle!

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