What is Coaching?

Coaching is becoming widely established as a way of continuing the ‘journey‘ to become the best you can be, it is the difference that makes the difference in your professional and personal life. Many highly successful people extol the benefits of coaching and the positive impact it has on the way they live. Coaching can help in a variety of situations, my main areas of focus are…

  • Progressing your career
  • Working through challenges when returning to work after a break or maternity leave
  • Working through periods of transition and change
  • Bringing focus and direction to your thoughts

Coaching is for everyone!

Coaching is based on the premise that in order for someone to make a change, he or she must gradually develop new perspectives, new interpretations and new ways of behaving.  As your coach I will offer exercises, self-reflections and other activities for you to engage in so you can practice these new ways of being and seeing the world.

The good news is that most people experience uncertainty and challenges in their life because the world has become increasingly complicated, so you are not alone. The biggest contributor to success and achievement is how you respond to life’s challenges, this is what makes the difference. As a qualified and accredited coach my role is to get you focused on the future, not the past. I will demonstrate empathy towards you and inspire you but I will also seek your permission to challenge and be fully honest with you so you will have total clarity and be able to achieve the changes you are looking to make. I stress upfront to clients that I will push you hard, challenge your thinking and I will also suggest you complete homework, that’s how I get results for clients. You just have to be prepared to stretch your comfort zone…

Coaching is not about me giving you solutions, it is about me empowering you to find them for yourself. I am a Coach, not a Mentor or Counsellor.

Coaching can help you find focus and direction, bringing clarity to the steps you need to take in order to effect a change and reach your desired goals.

Coaching can be for a specific challenge you are facing or can be more ongoing to address several different areas over time.

Sometimes you need the help of an unbiased and independent coach to help you to see things from a new perspective so you can unblock your thoughts and overcome your limitations to reach your desired goal.