My Story

Throughout my career I have been passionate about people development and thoroughly enjoy working with individuals to enable each and every one to achieve their personal and professional goals.

I am a qualified and accredited coach having studied at the world renowned Henley Business School and have over 15 years of management and coaching experience in the corporate sector. I have had the honour of working with a variety of individuals on many different challenges. I have worked across education, retail, finance, the pharmaceutical sector and healthcare as well as with people on an individual basis outside the working environment on more personal goals.

The common thread across all the coaching situations is that each individual has been keen to action a change  and had a strong desire to achieve their goals/ambition. My clients often go on to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Coaching can truly be life enhancing on many different levels.


At some point in life many people find themselves in a situation where they ‘get stuck in a rut’, want to implement change but don’t know how, don’t know what they want but know they want something different to what they have or know what they want but don’t seem to be able to achieve it. If this is you, you are not alone and help is at hand. There have been times throughout my life when I have gained enormous benefit from really effective coaching and I attribute much of my success to the coaching I have received.

Using a range of strategies and techniques, as a coach, I will work with you to reach your desired goal.