5 Easy Confidence Boosters

Even the most confident people have times where they can benefit from being even more confident. We all know people that seem to ooze confidence from every pore and you may often wonder what they do to come across so confidently. There are people who are just naturally more confident than others but if you aren’t one of these the good news is that there are things that you do to increase your confidence levels.
Try the following 5 things to give your confidence a boost:
1) Check out your posture.
Picture some of the most confident people you know and I can bet that they aren’t hunched forwards looking at the ground. To give yourself an instant boost, hold your head up high, put your shoulders back and a smile on your face. You’ll be amazed at the difference this not only makes to how confident you feel but also to how others instantly perceive your increased confidence.
2) Change your surroundings.
Research shows that if you spend a lot of time in the same environment that just spending 2 minutes in different surroundings can have a really positive impact on your confidence. This is because of a change in stimuli being received by the brain. Why not try going for that quick walk around the block, grabbing a quick coffee break or spending time in a different location.
3) Do something you know you are good at.
Doing something you’re good at releases those all important mood boosters and can instantly give you a feeling of self-worth and achievement. It is really important to balance the things you are less confident at with the things the you know you can do well. Know your strengths and do them daily.
4) Visualise a time when you are more confident in the future.
If you have a situation coming up that you aren’t feeling confident about, perhaps an important interview, picture yourself looking the best form of you, imagine yourself answering questions confidently and concisely and with ease. The more practise you have of visualising situations positively the much greater the chance they will actually happen.
5) Positively reframe
It is possible to change a feeling of low confidence to high confidence just through looking at a situation differently. If you lack confidence in a given task or situation your thoughts around that event will be negative. Flip this in to more positive thoughts through asking yourself the following questions:
– How can I use this situation to my benefit?
-What is a more useful way of looking at this?
– What can I learn from this?
The next time you feel lacking in confidence ask yourself these questions and notice the change in how you feel.
Remember, however confident others seem, no one is confident all of the time. Try out these top tips to increase your confidence the next time you feel as though you need a bit of a boost.